New Zealand Cavy Council

Judges Code of Ethics

  1. Judges must be dressed neatly at all times when fulfilling their judging appointments. A white coat or jacket is to be worn.
  2. Judges are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times throughout their judging appointment.
  3. Judges should take the time to examine each individual exhibit, without prejudice. Preferences for individual breeds should not be entered into.
  4. It is the responsibility of all judges, judging fancy (pure breed) classes, to remain updated, and be fluent with all Cavy Standards and Guide/Working Title Standards as set by the New Zealand Cavy Council. The Judging Panel is responsible for advising any new or updated Standards.
  5.  Conversation with exhibitors is to be kept to a minimum. Exhibitors should be encouraged to speak with Judges at the completion of the show.
  6. The Judge may order any person or cavy from the competition for conduct unbecoming of one or both.
  7. No Judge or the immediate family (i.e. Parents, siblings, partner and children) of that Judge may exhibit their own Cavies at a show which he/she is judging.
  8. Judges must not fault judge and shall assess each exhibit on its merits as well as its faults.
  9. A Fancy ( Pure Breeds ) Judge has the right to refuse a Best of Breed if he/she feels the exhibit is not in accordance with its standard or is not worthy in that Judges opinion of becoming a Champion. However a First, Second or third placing may be awarded in the class.
  10. All Fancy (Pure Breeds) Judges must sign Best of Breed and Best in Show cards at the completion of the show. 
  11. A Judge shall disqualify any exhibit showing any signs of running lice, breaks in the skin, sick or injured  animals, fatty eye ( except in Novice Classes ), pregnancy or for any other reason where the New Zealand Cavy Council standard for that particular breed calls for such a decision. This should be conducted in a discreet manner towards the exhibitor. NB/ Disqualification for fatty eye applies only when the defect is visible without disturbing the eyelid.
  12. The Judge must announce his/her placing's clearly, or advise the Show Manager/Steward convening on the day, to prevent any confusion regarding awards.
  13. The Judge’s decision is final and no discussion will be entered into at the table.
  14. The Judge can disqualify any cavy which he/she thinks is unfit for showing.
  15. Once a class has been judged it is not to be re-judged unless an error has been made by the Show Manager or Show Secretary.
  16. The Judge shall not advertise, solicit or canvass his/her judging services.
  17.  All New Zealand Cavy Council Judges must officiate at least one New Zealand Cavy Council show per calendar year to maintain their judging accreditation.
  18.  All New Zealand Cavy Council Judges must be New Zealand Cavy Council financial members to maintain their judging accreditation. 

  • The Judging Panel shall conduct Breed Lectures. These lectures will cover all breeds and a full description of each Cavy Standard. The lectures are to be conducted in a format as agreed to by a majority of the Judging Panel. Breeders and exhibitors will also be welcome to attend, and will be encouraged to bring their stock along, to provide hands on experience and discussion for all judges. Although not compulsory, it is desirable that all Trainee, Probationary and Qualified Judges attend these lectures.
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