The New Zealand Cavy Council


As a member of the New Zealand Cavy Council, you agree to accept and abide by the code described below at all times:

1.    That members will conduct themselves in a manner to bring credit to the council when involved with all council and affiliated club matters or events.
2.    That members will show good sportsmanship and foster good relations within the council & affiliated clubs.
3.    That members should exercise care in their use of online forums and other social media so as not to cause hurt to or ill-feeling among other members. No bullying will be tolerated.
4.    That all Cavies under the care of a member will be housed and kept in clean, hygienic and comfortable conditions in compliance with the Council Welfare Code.
5.    That a member of a registered stud shall keep accurate breeding records of litters.
6.    That all Cavies sold by a member be in good health and free from parasites in compliance with the Council Welfare Code.
7.    That all Cavies sold as breeding, exhibition or pet animals be sold in accordance with the Council Welfare Code.
8.    That all members shall truthfully represent the quality of the Cavies they are selling to the best of their knowledge. That a Cavy sold as show quality shall be a good example of its breed with no major or disqualifying faults.
9.    That a member shall not knowingly sell a Cavy to a person who is incapable of properly caring for it or who has a history of ill-treating Cavies in their care.
10.    That a member should be aware of the correct care of Cavies and should be prepared to report to their local club or the appropriate welfare authorities cases of persistent ill-treatment or neglect
11.    At NZ Cavy Council affiliated shows Cavies are not to be exhibited in judging boxes.
12.    At NZ Cavy Council affiliated shows all Cavies at shows are to be housed in suitable travel boxes lined with bedding material such as: hay, wood shavings, paper pellets or fleece. A source of water should be provided in hot weather. This may be a water bottle or fresh vegetables with high moisture content.
13.    That a New Zealand Cavy Council Judge shall not Judge at any Non Cavy Council Shows within New Zealand.

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