New Zealand Cavy Council


On this page you'll find a full list of NZ Cavy Council judges, trainee judges and guest international judges who've had appointments at our shows. 

New Zealand Cavy Council Judges

Senior  All Breed Judges

Linda Harmon

Andy Lawrie

Debbie Lawrie

All Breed Judges

Colin Third

Barbara Coles

Julie Hutt

Karen Asquith

Sandra Smith

Trainee Judges

Andorra Sedgeman

Kerryanne Miller

Ann Harris

Erica Waters

Condition/Pet Judges

Andorra Sedgeman

Kerryanne Miller

Erica Waters

Guest International Judges


Robert Brown (Vic)

Cory Haugh (Vic)

Jill Payne (Vic)

Ken Peddersen (Vic)

Melanie Barnes (Qld)

Peter Wright (Qld)

Donna Wright (Qld)

Jo Collins (Qld)

Stephen Robson (Qld)

Sarina Etherington (Nsw)

Karl Kilpatrick (Nsw)

Ken Hart (WA)

Liz Hart (WA)

Peter Ricci (WA)


Darren Fieldhouse

Jens Lindgrin


Rex Matthews

Jayne Matthews

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