New Zealand Cavy Council

Judges Panel

The New Zealand Cavy Council Judges Panel is Responsible for:

  1. The Training, qualifying and continued monitoring and support of all New Zeland Cavy Council trainee, probationary and all breed judges.
  2. Disciplinary action, should it be deemed necessary,  trainee, probationary and all breed judges.
  3. Providing up to date Standards for all trainee and probationary judges. 



The Judging Panel consists of three senior judges, with a minimum of two panel members required to perform the functions of the panel. 

In electing judges to this panel, the following regulations apply.

  1. The three member Judging Panel is elected annually at the annual general meeting of the NZ Cavy Council.
  2. Nominees must be currently listed as all breed NZ Cavy Council judges.
  3. Nominations are to be made as per the requirements of the NZ Cavy Council Constitution and Rules.
  4. Nominees must have been off probation for a period of at least two years before being eligible for election to the Judges Panel.   
  5. If a vacancy occurs in the Judging Panel, a temporary appointment may be made by the Council Committee of the New Zealand Cavy Council. Such appointments to run until the following annual general meeting. 

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